The Two Products That Will Make You Rethink SPF


I have always felt that SPF is a problem, it’s the kind of thing that I know I should be wearing everyday, but is also something that I actively dislike putting on. As someone who wears makeup practically everyday, SPF is somewhat of an annoyance; what with it’s thick consistency and heavy white cast that often leaves makeup feeling uncomfortable and greasy. Not only does it create problems in this sense, it also irritated me how if you did put makeup over your SPF you ruined all chances of being able to reapply and keep your face protected all day long, a total lose-lose situation. Despite my annoyances, I did always make sure to begrudgingly put my SPF on every morning, but since discovering these two products my whole opinion on SPF has changed. No longer will you find me complaining about the extra step, but enjoying putting it on and reapplying.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Shaka Fluid SPF 30

If you want an SPF that is going to feel super light on your skin and non-greasy, this is for you. The consistency of this SPF is very liquidy so that it sinks into your skin straight away so that even when you are in a rush you don’t have to wait ages before being able to go in with your foundation etc. What I love about this SPF is just the fact that it is basically completely undetectable, it doesn’t make your skin look greasy at all (although I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s completely matte) and it’s invisible, so no white marks are in sight. Because it is so light it won’t disrupt your makeup at all, if anything it just adds another layer of hydration to your face so that when it does come to putting on your makeup it will just make everything go on a whole lot smoother.

Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising anti-UV Mist

I will go on about this product for as long as people keep listening to me because this is one of my favourite beauty products, full stop. I have long been a fan of the French water sprays for keeping my skin hydrated and makeup looking fresh throughout the day, so the fact that Bioderma came out with an SPF alternative made it feel like all of my Christmases came at once. Like I said, one of my complaints with SPF is the inability to reapply it for anyone who wears makeup; this product answers those problems. This lightweight spray has SPF 30 and goes on perfectly over makeup, it has a really fine mist so it won’t leave you feeling drenched or anything of the sort. I’ll just take a few sprays over my face and then fan it until it sinks in, being careful not to pat or rub it all which would completely ruin the makeup. But this is just perfect and an absolute must-have for me in the summer. No longer do we have to sacrifice wearing makeup for the sake of not getting sun damage.

Molly Jonesskincare