Two Oils That Will Level-Up Your Beauty Routine


Because adding some oil into your everyday beauty routine never hurt.

I am someone that suffers from perpetually oily skin and hair, so for the longest time I have avoided anything thick or oily in my beauty routine like the plague - thinking it would just make problems even worse. Recently I have incorporated oils back into my routine and, shock horror, my skin and hair are not hating me for it. Here are the two oils that have completely changed my opinion on beauty oils, and levelled-up my whole routine.

As I have gotten older my skin has gone from being fairly dry to your standard combination skin type, I thought that this meant that I would have to cut out all of my thick oily products that I used to love, switching them up for lighter formulas and foaming cleansers *shudders*. This, I quickly learnt, just made my already blemish-prone skin even worse, and made it super sensitive because I was just not giving it the nourishment that I used to. To solve this problem I started incorporating the Pai Rosehip Oil into my evening skincare routine, and it really is just amazing.

I could go as far as saying that this oil is probably one of my favourite skincare products of all time, there is nothing else that I rely on so much when my skin is playing up. I apply this pretty much every night religiously, and it really keeps my skin manageable - creating a blank canvas for me to work with in the morning. With regular use, this oil will condition your sensitive skin and any irritation that is causing you problems. It will also brighten up the skin and even out your skin tone, so if you suffer from redness or dull skin this product is perfect for you. I find that even if I do use this in the morning, adding a little bit to my standard moisturiser, it doesn’t make me super oily throughout the day - but for me it is definitely a product best used overnight.

When it comes to my hair, the only way you could describe my approach to caring for it is lazy. I have naturally straight, fine hair that hasn’t been dyed in ages so is pretty healthy. I don’t tend to use a lot of products, mainly because I feel that when I do it weighs down my already flat hair, but one product that I couldn’t be without is the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

The way I use it is just applying it to the lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. You could also use it before shampoo if you struggle with dry or frizzy hair, or use it during or after styling you hair - it’s so versatile. After coating my hair in about two pumps of the oil, brushing it through and letting my hair dry, my hair is super smooth and shiny. I’ve also noticed a significant lack of split-ends appearing post-haircut since using this product which is great. Despite this being an oil, it really is super lightweight and I haven’t found it to weigh my hair down at all. Compared to other hair oils that I have used, like the Ouai Rose Oil (which I absolutely hated), it doesn’t leave any residue or greasy feeling, it just makes your hair feel amazing. Also the bottle of this will seriously last you forever, I can’t even remember how long I have had this for and I am barely half way through which is crazy considering I use it every single day.

What oils do you use in your beauty routines, I would love to know you recommendations!

Molly Jonesbeauty