Products in Rotation: February Edition


The products that are taking centre-stage in my beauty collection in the month of February.

I love buying new beauty products, it’s a habit that my bank account would rather I didn’t have, but nonetheless excites me like nothing else. In attempts to somewhat justify said habit, today is the first in a series of monthly ‘mini-reviews’ of new (to me) products that will be in-rotation for the given month. I’m also going to be introducing a new rating system to the blog, so that you can quickly see what I thought of a product without having to read through my long rambles, with the ratings being as follows:

  • 1 star = I really didn’t like the product at all

  • 2 stars = I found the product to be okay, but it was really nothing that special

  • 3 stars = It was a good product

  • 4 stars = I really like the product

  • 5 stars = An amazing product that has no faults in my eyes

Now, onto the products that are going to be in rotation for me in the month of February.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte

It was about time that I got around to picking up one of the IT Cosmetics CC Creams after hearing everyone and their mothers talking about how amazing they are, and I really was not disappointed. I opted to go for the Oil-Free version, purely because I have been suffering from a surprisingly oily t-zone recently - which has made a change from my normally Sahara-dry skin. The coverage is just enough to cover everything while still looking like skin, it applies easily and minimises the appearance of pores. The one thing that stopped me from giving this the full five stars is that I feel it doesn’t last all day on my skin, I often find when getting home from a full day at Uni that it is only really completely intact under my eyes and my forehead, even when I set my whole face with powder.


Pixi Retinol Tonic

I am a HUGE fan of the Pixi Glow Tonic, it’s easily one of my holy grail skincare products and never fails to sort my skin out when it’s going through a rough patch. So it’s safe to say I had high hopes for its retinol-packed counterpart, unfortunately I was disappointed to find that this was a pretty meh product. I do want to say that I am most probably not exactly the target customer for this product, not really worrying too much about reversing the signs of ageing just yet, but I did think it would help reduce the appearance of pores and just even out my complexion a bit more - but it didn’t really do either of these things. My skin did look a bit brighter in the morning after leaving it on overnight, but other than that I, sadly, don’t really have much else to report on.

The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc

I tried to restrain myself from buying into the hype around The Ordinary when the range was initially released, but ended up giving in on a trip up to London and a visit to the Covent Garden store. I picked up two of the products that I had my eyes on for a while, this serum being the clear favourite of the two. This serum contains a powerful mix of niacinamide and zinc that targets breakouts and uneven skin tone, two of the main skincare problems that I am currently dealing with. The combination of these two ingredients helps to regulate the skins production of sebum which in turn minimises the appearance of pores and any bacteria that could cause blemishes. I have been using this product nightly for about 2-3 months and have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin, I have barely had a single blemish since using this - so definitely a great product for any acne-prone people out there.

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23%

This serum is a concentrated blend of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that is targeted towards brightening and plumping the skin, helping to reverse any visible signs of ageing and uneven skin tone. First thing is the formula, it’s kind of gritty which can make it a little harder to work with - not really something that I would use in the morning before makeup. Once you get around the obvious difference in texture to the majority of serums, this product is really nice and does deliver results. I’m not going to say that this is anything groundbreaking, but I do notice a significant difference in the brightness and evenness of my skin after using this, if you are someone that suffers from a very dull complexion this is most certainly a product for you.

CYO Eyeshadow in Cooeey

We all love a good affordable makeup brand, and CYO has definitely been a new promising addition to the shelves of Boots. I hope to try out some more of their products in the future, but their Metallic Eyeshadows were the first thing that caught my eye. I picked up the shade ‘Cooeey’ which is a beautiful bronze-shade, thinking that it would be a great all-over colour for the lid, and it really is. The eyeshadow is really nicely pigmented and has just the right amount of shimmer, the only downside being that it really doesn’t blend all too easily for me. I haven’t really found this to be too much of a problem as I will usually pack this onto my lid and just blend out the edges to make it look a bit neater, so for this purpose I don’t really notice this flaw but it all depends on how you would use the product.

Collection Lash Surge Mascara

This mascara is just amazing and deserving of a five-star rating purely for the amount of times people have asked me if I am wearing false eyelashes, plus the price-tag is pretty easy on the purse too. If you are looking for a perfect mix of length and volume than this product is for you, one coat of this is enough to deliver some real impact to your lashes, but for the perfect false-lash effect, two coats is the key.

RImmel Lasing Finish Breathable Concealer

First off, the packaging of this is just stupid. I am generally really against having sponges built into products, I don’t think it makes any sense, this product further confirming this for me but I won’t dwell on that point for any longer. Aside from the obvious packaging flaw, the concealer is just ok - it blends easily and doesn’t look cakey, but the coverage isn’t amazing and I find it doesn’t last very long under my eyes which is disappointing as this is part of the Lasting Finish range. It’s the kind of product I will happily use when I’ve run out of everything else, but definitely not something that I would reach for on a daily basis.

What products have you got in rotation this month?

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