The Minimalist Makeup Routine


Most of the time I am the person that likes to do the most with their makeup routine; it’s very much all or nothing. That being said, recently with the mini-heatwave we have been experiencing I have been dialling down my makeup pretty significantly. In place of my normal routine I have been sticking to products that are light, and somewhat sweat-proof - or at least melt off my face without causing too much disruption. Here are the makeup products that are perfect for this look.

If you haven’t tried the Revolution PRO Foundation Drops yet, you really need to jump on them as soon as you can. It is by far my favourite foundation of the moment and I honestly cannot think of anything that I don’t like about the product. It’s thin and easy to blend out but still delivers a pretty substantial amount of coverage, while leaving a really pretty dewy finish to the skin. On hot days when I know the chances of my makeup staying on are pretty slim I really keep the base products down to a minimum; completely skipping concealer, powder etc. just so that it doesn’t all start to clump together or look too patchy when things start to sweat off. The only other product that I like to use on my face is the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk which is the perfect mix between a blush and bronzer colour on my skin so I apply this with my fingers all over my cheeks. It’s adds a really nice touch of colour to my skin so I don’t just look completely flat with just foundation on. Similarly to the foundation, this product is very thin and dewy, really making it look like you’re naturally flushed.

Despite having naturally dark, full brows, I can never seem to leave the house without at least running something through them for a bit of shape. I picked up the Rimmel Wonder’full Brow Mascara randomly as a replacement once my Boy Brow ran out and I surprisingly ended up liking this a whole lot more. The consistency is a bit thicker and pigmented so I find that it really keeps my brows in place all day long and adds a nice bit of colour.

When I am dialling down my makeup I like to go with a nice lip colour to finish everything off and add a slight pop of colour to make the whole look slightly more interesting. I have been loving the Beauty Pie FutureLipsticks as they are creamy, hydrating and last so nicely on the lips. In particular I have been loving the shade Naked Pink, a perfect cool-toned pretty pink that is the perfect my-lips-but-slightly-pinker shade.

And, as if by magic, after applying these four products to my face I feel completely put together without the worry of everything melting off my face horribly in a few hours. What is your dialled-down makeup routine?

Molly Jonesmakeup