Face Masks: What to Pass On and What You Should Get Instead

What Face Mask is Right For You

I love face masks, whatever form they may be in - sheet, gel, cream, peel-off - you name it, I love it. It's an added step that takes your normal run-of-the-mill skincare routine to some whole new luxurious level, that does your skin a whole lot of good at the same time.

I am by no means an absolute expert when it comes to face masks, I know what I like so most of the face masks that I own will fall into one of two categories - ultra-moisturising or blemish-fighting. Which brings me swiftly on to the four face masks I am going to be discussing today. We have the two Glossier face masks (which *spoiler alert* I was pretty underwhelmed by) and two alternatives that do a very similar thing.

It pains me to even say this because I am such a huge fan of Glossier as a brand and love so many of their other products, but these masks, Moisturising Moon Mask & Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, are pretty 'meh'.  I wasn't wowed by them, I didn't notice any life-changing results and I don't reach for them at all really. After using them my skin didn't feel amazing and brand new, nor did it even feel like it had spent the last 20 minutes soaking up lots of good ingredients. All in all these products are a pass, and if you're looking to place a Glossier order any time soon there are some far better products to spend your pennies on (Stretch concealer, Milky Jelly CleanserHaloscope and the You perfume).

Now, if you like the sound of the two Glossier masks but are turned off by the anything-but-glowing review I have just given, there are two masks which promise similar things, but actually deliver the results that we all came for.

If your skin is feeling dry and in need of a hit of hydration, forget about the Moisturising Moon Mask and, instead, go for the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. Put this on before you go to sleep and be ready to wake up with baby-soft skin without the annoying greasy feeling on your pillow all night long. I really enjoy using overnight masks because it's complete minimal effort, slap a bit on and forget about it until the next morning. This creamy formulation strengthens the skin's moisture barrier while you sleep, while at the same time a mixture of antioxidants works at calming and soothing your skin.

Then, for fighting blemishes and congested skin, I love the Nuxe Unclogging Thermo-Active Mask. This stuff is everything my skin needs and more when it's feeling clogged up and blemish-prone. When you put this on you will notice that it warms up, this helps to get deep into your pores and give them a good cleaning out, while it's gentle exfoliating action clarifies and smoothes the skin. After using this my skin feels baby soft and completely clean, and when using it consistently I really notice a difference in the brightness of my skin and the size of my pores. This is definitely one of my skincare secrets and a product that always comes to my aid when I need it. 

What are your favourite face masks?

Molly Jonesskincare