Have you considered down-sizing your beauty products?


As someone who has an ever-overflowing set of drawers housing all of the products I have amassed throughout years of being obsessed with all things beauty, I frequently feel plagued with the guilt of knowing the unlikelihood of me ever finishing all of my products. Unfortunately it is too often the case that products reach their expiry date, or fall victim to my, not as frequent as they should be, beauty purges, meaning that I am rarely physically able to finish anything. It also definitely doesn’t help that I am unable to resist all of the new products and collections that seem to be released all of the time at the moment. I admire anyone who strictly conforms to the one-in-one-out rule and is able to keep their beauty collection minimalist and streamlined, but this just a mindset that I have tried and failed at one too many times to adopt.


In attempts to release myself from some of the guilt, while still allowing myself the pleasure of getting new makeup and skincare, I have recently started to opt for buying more of the mini-sized makeup which I would now say has been one of my best beauty-related purchasing decisions to date. I always thought that these smaller products served one purpose; travel. They are easy to put in your travel beauty pouch and, especially with things like toiletries and skincare, they will normally last you just as long as you need on your holiday. Turns out I was grossly underestimating the benefits of these down-sized counterparts of my favourite products.

Not only are the mini sizes normally around half the price of the full-sized alternatives, which makes this expensive addiction slightly easier on my wallet, but also means you can get a lot more for the same price you were going to be spending anyway. I will admit that this whole plan doesn’t work too well with skincare products, especially things like cleansers and moisturisers which are usually the things that I will use up anyway, but for things like my Pai Rosehip Oil which is natural so expires pretty quickly anyway, and also only requires a few drops per application, it doesn’t make sense to buy the full size which I know I will end up wasting in a few months’ time. These minis are so handy with makeup products, think blush and bronzer - things I am sure all of us can agree on having too many of - where I normally rotate my blush and bronzer picks on the daily it is completely impossible for me to ever even hit pan on anything so at least with these smaller sizes I am more likely to hit pan or finish them at some point.

Who even knew that a person could become so passionate, and dedicate an entire post to these beauty minis, but it has now happened. Somehow I have made myself an ambassador for miniature sized beauty products everywhere, and I am pretty happy about it.

Molly Jonesbeauty