An Introduction to Beauty Pie


In an industry of nude eyeshadow palettes and unicorn highlighters it’s always refreshing to see something new appear on the scene that goes against the usual ideas and strategies of modern beauty brands.

I’m sure that, by now, the vast majority of you would have heard of Beauty Pie, and after hearing many positive reviews on their products I knew that I had to give some of it a go for myself.

I guess the whole idea of Beauty Pie isn’t exactly rocket science, we’ve had things like Glossybox, Birchbox and other subscription-based beauty consumption services for a while now - Beauty Pie is just the newest take on the idea. Beauty Pie is, in essence, a beauty buyer’s club - you pay a monthly membership fee and in return you get a certain amount of money in your account to spend every month (a £10 monthly membership gives you £100 to spend, for example). As a member you are able to buy products at a fragment of the typical price - for example, their foundation would typically be £30 but as a member you only have to pay £10, a moisturiser would typically be £35 but as member you would pay £6.34, and so on.

There are so many products to choose from on the site, but I was most interested by their skincare products. For my first purchase I went with the Super Healthy Skin Set, which is made up of the Daily Moisture Lotion, Super Eye Energy Peptide-Infusion Cream, Deep Purifying Cleanser, and Daily Vitamin Defense Serum - usually £140, but as a member only £33.85. The Super Healthy Skin is Beauty Pie’s normal, everyday skincare range. If you do want to be a bit more fancy and get some specialist products they have plenty of other collections and individual products that cater for every skincare need that you could think of.


Daily Moisture Lotion

Without trying to sound negative at all, this is your standard no-faff everyday moisturiser - nothing fancy or special, but really gets the job done which I love. Being super light, it sinks into the skin quickly and leaves a perfect smooth base for makeup. I won’t go into too much detail with the ingredients but, long story short, this is formulated with a range of ingredients that help with anti-aging, hydration and inflammation.

Daily Vitamin Defense Serum

Described as a ‘dose of fresh air for your face’ this serum is full of Vitamin C, an ingredient I love to use for brightening my skin and soothing irritation. I use this pretty much every morning and night and really have seen a difference in the overall tone of my skin. It feels like a really high-quality luxurious serum, but without a crazy high price tag.

Super Eye Energy Peptide-Infusion Cream

This eye cream contains superpeptides to smooth out wrinkles, shea butter to moisturise the under eye area, caffeine to reduce puffiness, and so on. I am a huge fan of the Origins GinZing Eye Cream and has this been a good substitute? Yes. Is it better? Nope. This is a good eye cream and although it is super moisturising, the instant effects that I get from the Origins cream just set it that little further ahead in my mind. But for those who don’t struggle too much with dark under-eye-circles and don't really need that added bit of colour correction, this is an absolutely great eye cream.

Deep Purifying Cleanser

This is a mask/cleanser that deeply cleans pores and cleans the skin. Although my skin isn’t especially oily I do like to apply this to my face and let it dry down a bit before washing it all off, and it does make my skin feel squeaky clean after use. One thing that I will say is that it is an absolute pain to get off, I feel like I really need to wash my face properly with water to get it all off - otherwise you just end up with a lot of residue product on your skin. I would also say that this is most definitely a second-step cleanse, it doesn’t remove makeup very well in the first instance but is good at getting the last scraps off. I also wouldn’t really feel comfortable putting this around my eyes just because of the clay consistency.

I was very pleasantly surprised with my first Beauty Pie order, the products feel really high-quality, and noone can argue with the price tags. I am looking forward to next month when I can put in another order.

Have you tried anything from Beauty Pie?

Molly Jonesskincare