5 Steps to Glowing Skin


Out of the relatively few things that I take very seriously, achieving perfectly glowing skin is probably the one that I have invested the most time in. After years of trialling new beauty products and honing my craft, I have finally narrowed down the art of the glow to a simple 5 step routine. 

All exaggerations aside, I have never been one for matte skin; I’ll put some powder to set my under eye concealer, and maybe a tiny bit around my nose, but on the whole I try and make my face a powder-free zone (blush, bronzer, eyeshadow etc. being the exceptions). It may have taken me a while but I now fully understand that to master the glow you can’t just rely on packing on highlighter and calling it a day; there are steps and prep-work that also fall into play that will be the difference between looking healthy and dewy, and just looking like you’re taking beauty advice off of a disco ball.



The real secret to achieving naturally glowing skin is starting off with a smooth hydrated base, this makes sure all of your makeup goes on perfectly. I try and use hydrating face masks as much as I possibly can, whether in the form of a sheet mask on the mornings where I have that bit of extra time to slowly get ready and really put more effort into my beauty routine, or quickly putting an overnight hydrating mask on my face before going to sleep.

When it comes to sheet masks I always stock up on the Sephora own brand ones whenever I am in France as they are pretty inexpensive and I have always found them to leave my skin feeling amazing. On my recent trip to Paris I picked up a few of the Lychee masks that are targeted towards moisturising and brightening which I have been particularly enjoying at the moment. If I am opting for a classic face mask I have been a long-time fan of the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask for the ease of application; any face mask that I can put on overnight and forget about is something that can make lazy girls like me everywhere rejoice. 



Following up from the previous step, it’s time to pick the right moisturiser. For the longest time I had been mixing luminising drops into my moisturiser, but I recently discovered the First Aid Beauty Luminising Moisturiser which takes out the whole mixing process. It’s got a really subtle but glowy shimmer to it that makes your skin look awake but also super hydrated. Personally I have always preferred adding the luminising drops into my moisturiser rather than my foundation, it’s just personal preference, I just find that sometimes when I add it to my foundation it can look a bit too obvious and just make your skin look glittery and not very natural. 

Together with the moisturiser I love the Origins GinZing Eye Cream that is peach coloured and has a very subtle shimmer to it too, it wakens up your undereyes while also brightening them with the shimmer. Both of these products together culminate in a perfect healthy base.



Foundation is the make or break step, so choosing the right one is key. I am not a fan of thick and heavy foundations, all of my favourites are pretty thin in consistency but still offer enough coverage to hide any blemishes or unevenness. Because I try to steer clear of powder as much as possible, it is important for me to find a foundation that is natural and dewy but doesn’t look greasy and needs a lot of powder to set into place. The two that have been my absolute favourites as of late have been the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops which, in my opinion, is the perfect foundation and the one that I have been recommending to all of my friends. It is super lightweight, blends in like an absolute dream, covers everything you want and more without looking cakey. I do find I need a tiny bit of powder just on my t-zone just to keep it in place because of how thin it is, but I barely use any.

Another inexpensive foundation that I love is the Beauty Pie Everyday Foundation. Now, I haven’t tried the Giorgio Armani foundation but word on the street is that this Beauty Pie foundation is an almost exact dupe for it. This is slightly thicker than the Revolution foundation but is still light and provides just the right amount of coverage to even out your skin while looking natural and actually like skin.



Of course highlighter is a step that cannot be missed, and depending on how natural, or not, you are wanting to go I mix it up between cream and powder highlight. I don’t really have a specefic preference, if I want a *blinding* highlight then I’ll go for powder everyday of the week because it is a lot easier to build up, on the other hand if I want something more natural and summery I love a cream highlighter.

When it comes to the cream options the only real competitors for me are the Milk Highlighting Stick and Glossier’s Haloscope. They are both pretty similar in the sense that they are super creamy and easy to apply, they don’t ruin any of the makeup you have on underneath either which is an issue I often find with a lot of cream products. I would say that the Milk option is slightly more shimmery than Glossier’s, I find that Haloscope has more of that ‘wet’ look.

With powder highlight, my holy grail has always been The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer, the champagne shade is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and I have yet to find anything else that even comes close. If you haven’t tried it yet then I would highly, highly, recommend it. If you are looking for a powder highlight that is a bit more subtle and not so glittery, I also love the Bare Minerals Invisible Luminiser, it’s kind of similar to the Hourglass Powders in the sense that there isn’t so much glitter or shimmer in it but it has a really subtle glow that looks so pretty on the skin.


At this point, we’re looking pretty glowy. But is there such thing as looking too glowy? Nope. So we add another step in the form of a face mist to act as the cherry on the top and finish off the look. I have been using the Pixi Rose Mist that has a very subtle shimmer in it, so not only does it refresh your makeup but also adds that final layer of glow.

Molly Jonesbeauty