The Sheet Mask Diaries 0.1


Like someone who relies on natural remedies to solve all ailments, I aggressively believe that there is, indeed, a sheet mask for every skincare problem you may encounter. This sentiment has lead me to hoard sheet masks like there's no tomorrow, making sure that there is a mask there whenever It might be required. hence, the creation of the mask diaries, my monthly INSTALMENT of all the sheet masks that have graced my face recently. this month's diary consists of drugstore try-outs and some experimenting in the world of k-beauty.


The most surprising discovery as of late has been the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks, in particular the Sakura Hydrating Mask. People have been telling me for the longest time that these masks are great and not just your standard drugstore sheet mask, and they were most definitely right. I hold my hands up and admit that I can be a massive skincare snob and, apart from the Garnier Micellar Water, I don't really have any skincare from drugstore brands, which is partly why I never gave in to the hype around the Garnier masks. The quality of the mask is great, the tissue really sticks to your skin and feels comfortable, having just the right amount of product to suitably soak your face in the solution while not slipping everywhere. After removal my skin was super glowy, long after the product had dried down and I really felt like this mask had done something. There have only ever been a small minority of masks where I feel like there has been instant results and this definitely falls into this category alongside my holy grail Nuxe sheet mask.

On a recent TK Maxx trip I managed to find some more Korean sheet masks - the majority of my sheet masks are purchased from TK Maxx because I find they have such a good collection and you can normally get them cheaper than you could find online. I picked up two from Skin 79; one with red ginseng and one containing rice. Red Ginseng is a herb most commonly used in Asia that is known as being a "cure for everything" from erectile dysfunction and as a stimulant for men, as well as promoting relaxation and preventing diabetes - just to name a few. Most importantly in our case, it is known for it's anti-aging properties; being used in a lot of Asian beauty products to tone and brighten the skin. Although clinical evidence for the health benefits of this herb can be lacking, I have found that my skin has always responded well to the ingredient and always feels that little bit tighter after use. Rice is another ingredient extremely popular in Asian skincare, and gaining popularity amongst those suffering from acne. Using rice on your skin has many benefits, including tightening pores while helping to tone down inflammation and redness. My thought has always been that my skin feels super clean after using anything that contains rice - more so than when I use any other ingredient so it's always something I am interested in when it comes to picking out sheet masks. 

The final sheet mask in this monthly diary is the Skinfood Tomato Sheet Mask, again from TK Maxx. Surprisingly enough, I have never tried a tomato sheet mask before which can seem strange seeing as I frequently use snail sheet masks. Tomato is another natural ingredient that can work wonders on your skin, having cooling and astringent properties that leave your skin glowing, bright and acne free. It has also been shown that tomatoes help to reduce pores and eliminate blackheads, a great multi-tasking ingredient. 

What sheet masks have you been using recently?


Molly Jonesskincare