The Perfume That Changed My Thoughts On Scents


I know, I know; another post about Glossier. Yes, I feel like my feed has become clogged with people raving about their products, and yes I agree that it has gotten a little overwhelming. But hear me out! Their perfume is seriously good.

For a brief background on my scent history and to add some context to this review. I have always gone for very light, floral scents - think Daisy Eau So Fresh, which has now been demoted to second favourite perfume. Anyway, long story short, the Glossier You perfume was everything I didn't like in scents. Never before have I ever been interested in anything remotely musky and warm, it just wasn't very me. Even after receiving a small sample of You in my first Glossier order I hated it, my first thought was that it smelled like a much older person perfume and dismissed it almost immediately. But the more the scent developed on my skin, the more that I came to like it. I came to appreciate the uniqueness and hard to pin down nature of the scent. It melts into your skin, joining your natural scent to create your ultimate personal fragrance. 

I am terrible at describing scents at the best of times, but with this it's even harder. There's not really another perfume that I could liken it to, so rather than to come up with some farfetched description, here's what the Glossier website says about the different notes:


Glossier You Notes

The three base notes melt in with your skin; ambrette - comfy and warm; ambrox - smoothy, salty, animalistic; musk - long lasting, addictive. 
And a mix of top notes say "nice to meet you!" without overpowering the base; iris root - earthy, green, woody; pink pepper - spice, sparkling

So basically, it's a whole mix of everything. And it just works so well. I always received so many compliments when I wear it, I think it's because it's very different so quickly catches people's attention. If I were to even attempt to explain this perfume in my own words, this is how I would do it - Imagine walking into a super chic Parisian apartment in the late afternoon, probably home to a glamorous model or businesswoman, candles are burning, red wine has been opening, the whole place has the air of being effortlessly cool. This is the smell of Glossier You. 

Have you tried this perfume, what do you think of it?

Molly Jonesbeauty