A February Lip Combination


I'm not all that adventurous when it comes to my makeup, I have a routine that I swear by and for the most part I always stick to it. Alternating between products but the "look" always stays the same; glowy base, bold eyebrows and long lashes - it just works.

The one part of my routine that I will sometimes switch up is my lip products. Because I keep the rest of my face somewhat neutral it's a lot easier to get away with a bolder or more colourful lip so I have taken the opportunity to start experimenting. The newest combinating that I have been loving has been the Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Jam and Clinique's Pop Lacquer in Peace Pop. Both products lean on the purple, blue-toned side (which is great for those pearly whites) which pop even more against the neutral shades of makeup I normally use. It's bold without being obnoxiously loud and bright which I love. The Generation G lipsticks are extremely comfortable on their own but paired with a gloss makes them moveable and not so dry, allowing you to easily reapply when needed.

What has been your go-to lip combination this month?

Molly Jonesmakeup